Maryland Roads - Old MD 20

Former MD 20, North Point Road

MD 20 used to be a discontiguous route on both sides of the Patapsco River until MdSHA realized that was pointless. There may have been a planned bridge or ferry linking them, but the only ferry from the western alignment went to MD 21 instead, so it was decommissioned and replaced with an upgraded alignment that is now MD 151, North Point Blvd. I call MD 20 an east-west route for continuity with its other segment, but you could consider it a south-north route just as easily (E=S, W=N).

Heading south (MD 20 EB) into Fort Howard until I'm no longer on old MD 20. The first photo looks across a former railroad paralleling North Point Rd. at the north end of Howard Ave., not a stub.

A bunch of historical markers, including both of these WB, had blank soldiers next to them for Defenders Day (9/12 each year; I was there on 9/7). They are apparently an organization that owns wooden soldiers.

A traditional historical marker accompanies a unique one, EB and looking at the north, west, and south monument faces in that order.

The WB faces of both.

WB and EB on either side of the MD 151/Cove Road intersection, the latter of which is to the left in the second photo, showing how the new alignment cut off the old.

WB and EB at Battle Acre Park.

Past MD 157, North Point Rd. is now Star Spangled Banner. Really, what's the point of the lower sign?

One last alignment of North Point Rd. heads north from MD 151 inside Baltimore city limits, under this railroad crossing (not sure how long ago, if ever, this was a state highway), to US 40.

Current MD 20

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