Maryland Roads - Moravia Rd., Baltimore

Moravia Road, Baltimore

WB at sibling Moravia Park Dr.

This EB shield, now gone, appears to be of the same age as the I-95 shields on I-895 (see that page, linked below), meaning that it dates to the beginning of the I-895 designation in 1979. It doesn't seem that new, but unlike the "TO I-95"s, there was definitely no 895 prior to that year. Straight ahead is I-95 SB, which would suggest the Fort McHenry Tunnel as opposed to the Key Bridge on I-695, but I think there's another reason to show the Key here, and it's historical. You'll see in a moment.

As Moravia Rd. fades into I-95 SB, it carries three lanes of concrete (at least two for travel plus a shoulder) until a stub ramp sticks out to the left. This would have been the EB beginning of the Windlass Freeway, MD 149. The first stop was at a 90-degree curve at I-695, where the Patapsco Freeway magically turns into a whole mile of the Windlass before an awkward interchange at MD 702. MD 149 would have continued along the east shore to MD 43, not really providing much of a bypass or a shortcut to the lightly populated area, so it's no surprise it was never built. The connection to I-695 would have been useful, though, for access to that Key Bridge, 702, and the Middle River area.

MD 149 WB to I-95 SB was to tie in here.

The lone remaining sign for MD 149 may never have had any text on it, but it sure has button copy. These photos are on the I-95 NB ramp to Moravia Rd. WB.

MD 149 WB to Moravia Rd. was to tie in here. Magically, just afterward, there are two striped lanes instead of one, as if the unbuilt ramp is adding that lane.

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