Maryland Roads - MD 991/Main St. Salisbury

MD 991 and Main Street, Salisbury

MD 991 is original US 213 over the Wicomico River, and only over the river. All of the other segments of the original Main Street in Salisbury have been given back to the city. According to MD Roads, which has been invaluable in helping me put my Maryland pages together, US 50 came through Salisbury in 1949. I can't find out when what's now Business US 50 was improved, so I don't know how long, if at all, what's now MD 991 was US 50.

MD 991 EB, and the bridge plaque in the south parapet.

Looking north along the Wicomico River.

Old enough for you? Certainly the first sign, and possibly the second sign, date to when the state highway was more than just the bridge, and came east on Main St. (That, obviously, predates the US 13 Salisbury Bypass.) The second sign is along Wicomico City Park east of MD 12. Main St. continues across Business US 50 as another state highway, MD 346, which holds onto the old US 50 alignment until Berlin.

Modern US 50

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