Maryland Roads - MD 97

NB at what will be the ramps to and from MD 200 EB (the Intercounty Connector, or ICC) in April 2010.

Continuing NB across MD 200. This is just the future NB overpass but both sides are temporarily routed onto it so that the SB side can be built while maintaining two lanes of MD 97 in each direction at all times. I wonder if the overpass was designed a little overly wide for this purpose, though the extra width will be used up by acceleration and turn lanes.

Work on the mainline and the future ramp from MD 200 WB to MD 97 NB.

Finally, looking westward.

When the ICC opened this far in February 2011, MD 97 NB was a mess of barrels and blinking lights. MD 200 EB temporarily ended at MD 28 just east of Exit 9 (MD 97, since renumbered 8), while the WB side began at what's now the MD 97 onramp.

Historical... things in Brookeville, NB. The 1814 sign is in front of the stone house, but the Academy supposedly dates to 1810, so I don't know if it's the same as the Caleb Bentley home.

NB near MD 144.

MD 97 NB and MD 140 WB around Westminster. The "Detour" is fine in orange and the arrow should actually be orange too, but never the route shield.

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