Maryland Roads - MD 924

MD 924

MD 924 SB ends at MD 24, which makes sense because 924 is old 24 (hence the number, wow). The old alignment heads straight in the second photo.

Looking north from that south terminus at construction along MD 24 to build an interchange at MD 924. The work, now complete, has MD 24 on an overpass with a NB C-D road connecting from the I-95 interchange down the NB offramp. I guess for whatever reason, traffic isn't as much of a problem SB, because there's just an auxiliary lane between the closely-spaced ramps. 924 was shifted north into where the overpass was being constructed, hence the traffic signals in the second photo.

Looking south in the newly created median of MD 24 (traffic is temporarily following what will become the interchange ramps) from the last few feet of MD 924.

SB historical signs, though the second one is on the NB side (at Box Hill South Pkwy.).

Quite old US 1 shields, possibly sporting the Maryland font and possibly dating to when Bel Air was bypassed to the north, NB and SB respectively. (And notice the old parking sign SB.) Maryland switched from separate "Business" banners to an all-inclusive green shield many years ago. MD 924 is old MD 24, so why isn't Business 1 MD 901?

NB and SB photos downtown on the Business US 1/MD 924 concurrency. The signs in the first photo have fortunately been replaced, and the white-on-green Business 1 shield is now the correct green-on-white, but the reverse-color error shown in the SB photo remains.

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