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MD 852

The MD 852 designation applies to a number of old alignments of MD 31 and the roads that connect them to modern MD 27. No typo, because MD 27 replaced MD 31 north of Westminster in 1967.

The first alignment, Hahn Rd. off of Englar Rd., on the west side of MD 27 near Longwell Run. The old road followed the railroad track for a bit before crossing it, while the new road plows right through the middle of MD 852 and over the railroad, leaving a disconnected dead-end on either side.

This is what you'll find on the other side of MD 27, Old Manchester Rd. WB (MD 852 SB) getting cut off. The modern MD 27 bridge over the railroad is just to the north.

Back out of that old alignment toward the "boring" part of MD 852, which follows the old road in a long alignment north past MD 482. Incidentally, that segment of MD 852 begins at MD 27 just across the Patapsco River, so the one I was just on is actually a disconnected 852 parallel to itself!

Speaking of parallel alignments, Martin Dr. is another piece of MD 852, heading straight off the west side of MD 27 to a dead end at a new subdivision. Old Manchester Road is on the east side of MD 27 directly opposite, and is also MD 852. What puzzles me is that Martin Drive seems to have been created at the same time as the realigned MD 27, so it's not exactly an old alignment. But as I mentioned above, it could be considered a "road that connects" to MD 27, maybe built by the state and they got stuck with maintaining it.

Back down arrow-straight Martin Dr. Since it's not an old alignment, the curve at the end is not actually masking a stub.

There are two old MD 852 alignments in Manchester. The easternmost one follows Westminster St. from MD 27 to MD 30. This is the one just west of it, another segment called Old Manchester Rd., looking west at its western (or SB) end, which is now part of a long driveway.

Old Manchester Rd. NB, one of the least assuming highways to ever wear a shield. The dead end was a bit too snowy to yield stub photos.

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