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MD 731

MD 731 is a route in two pieces, former US 50 on either side of the Nanticoke River. US 50 now bypasses Vienna to the north, and the bridge connecting what's now 731 has disappeared. These photos are WB on the Vienna side, former Ocean Gateway (the term is supposed to only apply to the most current incarnation of 50), leading up to a split with even older US 50. The sign fails to inform you that 731 also qualifies as Old Route 50.

Marsh Rd. is the eastern section of MD 731, a long dead-end that leads into a thicket. Beyond this stand of trees, there is still plenty of old 50 pavement until one gets to the Nanticoke River, but bring your bicycle or a good pair of jogging shoes. Notice that this seemingly useless road has an Adopt-A-Highway sign beneath the "No Outlet." It's sponsored by a hunting group, who I'm sure are the only people who actually get use out of eastern 731, so I give credit to the Delmarva Sporting Clays for their 10+ years of keeping this old alignment drivable.

I returned to find that the barricades were a lot less barricaded, so I was finally able to drive the old alignment to the officially gated end. Notice that some 1950s-60s white center stripes are visible along the way, made with much longer-lasting paint than the newer yellow lines.

Peering beyond the fence, officially off-limits.

Back east, out to Old Bradley Rd.

Onto modern US 50

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