Maryland Roads - MD 702

MD 702

The wrong ways to make shields. Put the state name in the second one and you're close enough.

The wrong way to make a shield assembly: all in one piece.

The merge with I-695 NB favors MD 702 as the through road, but the road is clearly wide enough for two through lanes from 702. There isn't enough traffic from Back River Neck and Essex to warrant a second lane now, so when ever would there have been? When I-695 was proposed to cross Back River just past Edgemere and come up the Southeast Freeway, absorbing all of MD 702 as it went. This interchange would then have only been with the Windlass Freeway, MD 149 (proposed to come out of Moravia Rd. and continue northeast). Only a small piece of the Windlass was built, just enough to get I-695 up the west side of Back River alongside MD 151.

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