Maryland Roads - MD 662

MD 662

Seen on the SB side near Wye Heights Rd., north of Easton. The building here, if you read the sign, is not the schoolhouse, but it's still a quaint farm and happens to be red. (Of course, at speed, I didn't have time to read the sign text so I assumed they were related.)

Ancient way of saying "Dead End," and not even as a warning sign, at the beginning of Probasco Landing Rd.

Wye Mills may be small, but it has plenty of historical signs. This one is SB heading out of town.

Just south of the end of MD 213, MD 662 crosses this bridge into Wye Mills. All of MD 662 is old US 50, and this bridge was certainly part of US 50 once. However, US 50 took over MD 404 west of here and the former US 213 southeast of here (which gives MD 213 its number). Given that this bridge is just north of the current end of MD 404, it was actually originally shared between 213 and 404 until the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was constructed.

NB and SB at Foremans Landing Rd. next to Chesapeake College, just shy of merging back into US 50. This sign reads like a very poorly worded ad.

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