Maryland Roads - MD 63

MD 63

All photos are northbound until Pennsylvania.

The former alignment of MD 63, Artizan St., on the south side of Williamsport. MD 63 now curves over to MD 68 and cuts diagonally back across its old alignment, so in town, Artizan St. is on the east side of 63.

Into Williamsport, with MD 68, at Sunset Ave.

Remember Artizan St.? Now you'll never forget it or its weird spelling. This is a Maryland-spec shield for its time (late 1950s?), predating the I-81 construction that brought 63 and 68 together. Click for closeup.

Unusual signs at and in the MD 58 roundabout in Cearfoss.

The left and right sides of the road at the gateway to Franklin County, PA. A few cars seem to have gotten up close and personal with said gateway.

SB sides of the same. PA 163 runs just north of and parallel to the border from here east to US 11. Technically, it makes the turn for the few (130-140) feet to the border at 63.

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