Maryland Roads - MD 450

MD 450

All mainline photos were taken westbound except one confusing sign in the middle.

Downhill toward Annapolis with the Naval Academy in view. This is the view that belongs on one of America's first US highways (original US 50 here). Original MD 2 ends here.

Crossing the Severn River into the state capital.

Looking north along that picturesque river.

Back to the eastern shore, into a parking lot on the north side of the MD 648 intersection, and west onto a fishing pier that's the original route of US 50 across the Severn River.

Remnants of MD 450's center stripe are best preserved on the metal expansion joints. Funny, I would have thought the paint would stick better to concrete.

Remnants of MD 450's light pole foundations.

Looking across the Severn River to the old abutment, half of which was incorporated into the new bridge's takeoff point.

As I said above, the view of the Naval Academy is deserving of being on US 50 - well, the best view is from the road that actually was US 50 once.

Starting on the south side of the bridge and walking around the waterfront to the north side.

Turning around at the chopped-off bridge stub and heading back east into the parking lot alongside modern 450.

Back on the modern road, this is the last you see of MD 450 until you're on the other side of Annapolis. It does continue through the city, if you know where you're going.

It's extremely hard to tell what's going on here, so let me help you. First, this sign technically points the way for MD 450 EB exiting Church Circle, so the "TO" is wrong. The right arrow is correct, and the "Next Left" thus means exactly what you'd expect from that context - bear right and turn left on MD 70. MD 450 doesn't make the next left, though, so the sign ought to look a little more like this (and please, don't be awed by my skills):

Inside the Beltway to where shields get screwy. Maryland usually only does one-piece assemblies at traffic signals, and the shields take up the entire sign. And you wouldn't see such an awkward EB shield next to the correct WB one. And then you wouldn't see a wasteful wide shield next to the correct one at the next assembly where MD 450 ends.

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