Maryland Roads - MD 45

MD 45 is Maryland's answer to renumbering US 111 once I-83 obviated the short spur. Pennsylvania didn't try to find a new number or even keep PA 111 for the part south of York. All photos are NB.

Except this one is on 39th St. WB in Baltimore.

Does MD 45 still go through the circle in the middle of Towson, or does it use Bosley Rd.? Signs on MD 45 approaching the upgraded bypass encourage you to use it as if it's now the state highway, but then you have these signs heading north that suggest MD 45 remains on York Rd. It's possible the signs just haven't been updated, and it's equally possible the signed and legislated routes are inconsistent.

Continuing north to the Gunpowder Falls Bridge. It doesn't look like much from this angle. "NCR" stands for "North Central Railroad."

Try these other angles. The last one faces back south behind me and is the only convenient way to see the bridge from the side.

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