Maryland Roads - MD 43

MD 43, White Marsh Boulevard

From Honeygo Blvd. SB, a standard MD assembly standardly without state name shields.

Heading east, the I-95 Express Lanes opened south from here in December 2014 and had a brief free trial period, which is why I found myself here. I was later mailed a thank-you letter with an offer to sign up for E-ZPass. I cannot identify what's under the white panel just below "South," as it's never been removed. "Toll" has also been on the sign since 2014, so something changed with the layout post-manufacture.

Concurrent with construction of the toll lane, MDTA undertook reconstruction of the MD 43/I-95 interchange to convert it from a cloverleaf to a hybrid interchange with flyovers and diamond Express Lane ramps. (Only the ones to the south opened, pending northward Express Lane extension, and there still are no I-695 ramps.) As part of that, MD 43 EB was pushed into the former wide median so that both sides could share a single I-95 overpass. I kept the second photo broad so you could see how the "ONLY" arrow is over the center through lane, a no-no.

This looks treacherous, but minus the barriers and dirt, it served as the temporary WB-SB movement while the old loop ramp was replaced with a new flyover in the same spot.

The end of the temporary WB left turn. You can see that WB traffic has recently been shifted out of those lanes and is no longer using the left, so that flyover must have been completed, but I know the EB one was still being constructed.

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