Maryland Roads - MD 4/MD 2

All photos on MD 4 itself were taken southbound, starting with the one above left. The one above right is on MD 231 WB in Prince Frederick.

Seen on a side road. The graphic doesn't help, it's just creepy. The universal symbol has two humps. This looks like a UFO site is just a block away.

Because I took a NB photo from the SB side, it did not come out well. Please get me a better one. In the meantime, MDSHA may get around to replacing the I-95 shield that came off the SB sign.

"Neutered" shields on and turning from the east end of Suitland Pkwy.

Somewhere off of MD 4 in this area, courtesy Doug Kerr. It's another neutered shield, and worse, you have no idea either which way is which on MD 4 or which of those which ways leads to I-95.

On the SB ramp to Water St. in Upper Marlboro, secret MD 717.

Neat older signs, MD 717 NB and SB. Water St. is a short connector north to the old alignment of MD 3/4, MD 725.

MD 725 ends in town but the road continues east to this point, where Old Crain Hwy. NB (original MD 3, which is now part of US 301 on its modern alignment) splits from Marlboro Pike SB (original MD 4).

Marlboro Rd. EB from its dead-end at the Patuxent River, the former location of an MD 4 bridge. MD 408 is straight ahead and old MD 4 (MD 794) bears right at the light.

MD 408 EB at Main St., just after beginning from MD 4, the connector to Marlboro Rd.

Plummer Ln. NB at the south MD 4 service road. Plummer Ln. is secretly numbered MD 980E and the service road is 980A.

MD 259 begins from the north service road, part of MD 794.

Photos from the shared stretch with MD 2. Since this shield looks like US 1-9 in NJ, do the locals also call this "Route 2 'n' 4"? If this is a new development, does that doom the separate 2 and 4 shields seen in the second photo to a looming fate?

How about some narrow shields? There are only two digits, if you ignore the hyphen and squeeze it in at the last moment. These are by Calvert Memorial Hospital.

A pair of stubs that aren't numbered MD 765, which is otherwise assigned to all the old alignments along MD 2/4. This is German Chapel Rd. SB and German Chapel Ct. NB; the former used to end where it meets the latter, since that was MD 2/4.

Don't walk on German Chapel Road's gore with MD 2/4.

MD 2 leaves MD 4 by making a left, but when you're in the left lane making your left turn, you kind of expect the arrow in front of you to also point to the left. It would help prevent problems.

MD 4 across the Patuxent River as seen from MD 2 (a different view than on that page).

Onto MD 2 alone
MD 725, former MD 4
MD 765, former MD 2/4

Into Washington, DC on Pennsylvania Ave.
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