Maryland Roads - MD 355

Which state is this again?

SB through Bethesda.

The famous Walter Reed Medical Center shows off its late Art Deco style on the east side of MD 355 inside the Beltway.

Sadly, these shields at the end of MD 187 NB have been replaced by a large one-piece assembly, lacking state names inside the shields and featuring the dreaded Clearview.

Incredible inconsistency in sign design, SB. Two consecutive assemblies have errors where half the assembly is correct. Is the left turn MD 586 to MD 28, or MD 28 to MD 586? It might even be both. A few blocks east, MD 28 turns to continue north at 1st St., which is secret MD 911 from Veirs Mill Rd. south to MD 355.

Some older signs, and then some more design errors, NB in Gaithersburg. MD 124 is a better way to get to MD 117 than Perry Parkway.

Lakeforest Blvd. exiting the eponymous mall in Gaithersburg.

SB one-piece assembly with an older MD shield style. The length of MD 355 is former US 240, losing its designation when I-270 was built between the same points. Since all of the old road is still intact and very important (full of local, commercial, and business traffic), there's no reason this couldn't still be a US highway. DDOT (District of Columbia) maintains all roads in its jurisdiction anyway, so a handful of US 240 shields would be the only change within its borders.

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