Maryland Roads - MD 30

MD 30

NB at a raised piece of concrete that turns out to be Old Hanover Rd. MD 30 being Hanover Rd., that obviously makes this an old alignment. Usually they're cut off a bit farther from the through road, though, as in more than 2 inches.

The same problem appears SB at the other end, except here there's no paved ramp for access. It must be unnerving to drive north on Old Hanover for the first time at night, and potentially damaging.

Boring doesn't sound very interesting. I could turn either way on MD 30 from MD 91 NB, but something draws me straight onto the old road. (That would be the directions I'd written.)

Turns out that old MD 30 has old crossbucks. Boring's actually quite interesting.

This is the "downtown." Insert jokes here.

This reverse color scheme on MD 482 EB just looks silly. All of the signs should be green on white, not mix-and-match, but unfortunately Maryland's been known to do that. Part of the problem would be solved by replacing the word "Maryland" with "Business", like what is done with Interstate routes.

See? Like that.

Yet just below that signal overhead at the end of MD 482 is a completely incorrect assembly. It looks old enough to have dated to when this was still MD 30, before the bypass was built to the west of Hampstead. MD 482 and 30 now intersect at a two-lane roundabout (2 lanes in one direction), requiring each of the 2-lane roads (1 lane in one direction) to double in size just to come to a stop at the circle. I guess if development ever makes it out far enough from Baltimore to warrant widening the roads to two lanes, MDSHA will look like geniuses, but right now it doesn't make sense.

The Business route itself just goes with the reverse scheme.

NB at the end of Westminster St. in Manchester, secret MD 852 and original MD 31 (replaced by MD 27, which ends at 30 a few blocks north now).

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