Maryland Roads - MD 3

Does MD 3 ever end? It does, right here, although old signs make you think it continues on its old route to Baltimore. The northern half of MD 3, where it wasn't overrun by I-97, is now Business MD 3, completely severed from its parent route. Either put MD 3 back where it was (not too hard, considering these signs still point the way), or call the other route Business I-97.

Veterans Highway SB at the access to the beginning of MD 3 SB, with an unusual (and unusually old) blue on white service sign instead of the reverse color scheme. Veterans Highway was once MD 3 NB, and the divided MD 3 SB became part of I-97.

Veterans Highway NB, the way it was designed to be, just like MD 178 was designed to begin at MD 3. The signs' age really shows in the sunlight.

MD 725, former MD 3

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