Maryland Roads - MD 295/B-W Pkwy.

First photo above courtesy Lou Corsaro. The B-W Parkway (seen NB at the MD 175 interchange in the 2nd photo) is MD 295, but the highway is only signed when it's not the Federally maintained Parkway. MD 295 is discontiguous from DC 295 thanks to retaining the definition of MD 201 staying on Kenilworth Ave. (the name of 295 across the line).

SB under MD 450 (old US 50) to the end of MD 295 at modern US 50, as MD 201 SB merges in from the left.

MD 202 WB up to the B/W Pkwy., starting at Neighbor Lane. The sign has been replaced mostly in kind (hyphen for slash) instead of something more parkway-style.

Very old SB shield on the way to Washington, DC, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Until I-95 was completed south of Baltimore, all of MD 295 was signed with these shields, so this is a relic indeed.

NB at the southern entrance to the Parkway.

Something went very wrong with these SB signs. The I-495 shield on the right looks like an afterthought, and the arrow is hiding. But the sign on the left implies that both directions of I-495 might be reached at that exit. Replacement time.

NB examples of Parkway signage. The font is standard to national parks, but despite using two kinds of arrows, the Feds can't get the right one. Also, Laurel and Bowie need some kind of separation to avoid being someone's name, and the MD 197 shield should be wider.

You may have noticed some signs in various degrees of fade. These are 2014 retakes of my original 2009 photos in the previous run. Five years of southern-exposure sun were most unkind.

Another typical Parkway sign, SB.

Something's wrong with these shields. Can you tell what it is? Second (SB) photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Four SB photos from Lou Corsaro, four different notes. The DETOUR is along I-695 NB back to I-95 (which parallels MD 295 to the west), and uses a very creative combo plate ("TO SOUTH" in one sign?). The I-695 shield in the second photo is a mite squished. In the third photo, you see that the all-encompassing Baltimore Beltway chooses MD 295 as an inflection point. Finally, a rare sighting of a Key Bridge (the other other harbor crossing) shield.

SB widening north of I-695, now open to three lanes each way.

Parkway accents, NB. The first overpass is MD 168, Nursery Rd., which has long since faded from the sign. The "Welcome to Baltimore" sign is on the opposite side of the same message seen in the first photo on this page. The multi-arched overpass and following stonework are on MD 648, Annapolis Rd., the original route now supplanted by MD 2 but still running on the old road down to the state capital.

SB at that interchange, button copy with the original shields that are completely non-reflective now. The pull-through LGS for Washington is also too old for its own good, and all three arrows point(ed) to just one lane.

NB button copy treasures in Baltimore, but the "1" was repainted on the shield, replacing the original button-copy numeral. The original I-95 shield here, which probably looked like the second photo on the page, is replaced by another one that's still old but not suited for this role.

The SB run includes an original, unmolested US 1 shield. Click on that first photo for a closeup of everything button copy. The Westport signs do not indicate a C-D road but rather a short multi-lane weave.

A momentary lapse of signing ability plagues MD 295 just north of I-95, with wacky shields at the northern end of Annapolis Rd. and then a repeat of the I-95 just to the north along MD 295. The 295 looks like a cheap Clearview knockoff, and Clearview itself is a knockoff of a real font.

Leaving the stadium of the Baltimore Ravens (M&T Bank Stadium as I write this) alongside MD 295, with a rare MD/US shield error and the only MD 40 shield I've seen.

These are vastly better versions of those shields, on the left side of Paca St. NB before and after Lexington St. as MD 295 prepares to end.

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