Maryland Roads - MD 28

MD 28

Rare, but not unheard of in MD, to put a 11x route in a 2-digit shield. This is on MD 28 WB.

Top and bottom of an old assembly at the end of MD 118 SB.

The white "TOLL" banner plagued the Intercounty Connector for a few months on either side of its opening, until it was largely replaced by the standard yellow. This is on MD 28 WB, which definitely junctions MD 97 here, so I don't know why the directional banners are covered.

MD 28 WB into the ICC construction area in 2010. MD 200 WB is to the right and EB is to the left at this crossing.

Looking left at future MD 200 EB.

One more look right from MD 28.

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