Maryland Roads - MD 27

These shields are in MARYLAND. They should show some respect. Although I photographed them a day apart, it turns out they're both on Brink Rd., so that must be the only place this error occurs.

One of the disadvantages of a one-piece assembly is that MD can't come back and remove the unnecessary "TO" banners at the MD 108 junction.

Eastbound on the National Road, one of the non-state highway parts. The old alignment ahead is cut off by I-70. The state highway (MD 144) begins again on the south side of the I-70 interchange along MD 27, essentially a southern frontage road, then rejoins the National Road alignment. State-name Interstate shields are an exceptional rarity in Maryland. (State-name Maryland shields, those are supposed to be the rule.)

Obviously these are old alignments of MD 27 - well, actually, they're old alignments of MD 31, which 27 replaced north of Westminster (where 31 now ends). Heading NB toward Manchester, these segments of Old Manchester Road have another unusual property: they are both segments of MD 852. The second one being signed is unusual, and the first one being striped the whole way is unnecessary.

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