Maryland Roads - MD 25

MD 25 needs some time to realize it's not in Delaware and get its square act together. Not like other routes in Baltimore haven't made the same mistake.

After a brief run across the Greenmount section of Baltimore, MD 25 turns north along Falls Rd., which runs next to a stream named Jones Falls. (That's the name of the whole thing, falls or no falls.) The decorative bridge carries W. 29th St. as it becomes Druid Park Lake Drive. Falls Rd. doesn't really intersect anything until it emerges from the shadows of Jones Falls by I-83 Exit 8, which comes in just after the last photo.

SB button copy as old as the freeway at that Exit 8 location.

North of the (SB) shield atop this page, at Cold Spring Lane (leading to I-83 Exit 9).

These old houses are just outside Baltimore city limits.

The end of MD 133 EB and its WB beginning, but Old Court Rd. continues as a turn off of Ruxton Rd. ahead.

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