Maryland Roads - MD 24

MD 24

SB at the end of the road, now that the Trimble Rd. gate is closed. APG is Aberdeen Proving Grounds, which you'd know if you needed to follow the APG detour. The VMS was fortunately caught right in the middle of a very slow message changeover. It's supposed to be nearly instantaneous. Something about MD 24 gate closed, trucks and visitors do something.

A closer look at one of these signs, on MD 152 SB at Hanson Rd. It's a one-piece backing with a MD 24 shield affixed.

Turning onto MD 24 SB from MD 924, there's construction afoot. MD 24 now has a nice flyover across 924, and an improved interchange at I-95 with more lanes.

The picture clears up a little as I head northbound from I-95 past MD 924. My lanes at I-95 are now a C-D road, with MD 24's through lanes on the left. You can also see the northern abutment taking shape at MD 924. (There are a few more construction photos on the 924 page, linked at bottom.) The rest of the work is just to tie the ramps back into the through lanes.

Two southward looks back at the tie-in.

Plenty of reverse-color shields heading NB; though they mostly started out this way, the norm is now green legend on white background (in other words, like the regular shields, but green).

MD 24 NB turns into an onramp to join US 1. The second photo shows a ghost ramp merging into this (the first photo shows the grading, and the third photo looks back at it), which would have been the ramp from MD 24 SB to US 1 NB. MD 24 was intended to extend northward as its own expressway (if not freeway), but the wealth of the area killed that proposal, routing MD 24 eastward to the original road from here north.

Surprise! US 1 SB is not ending in 6.6 miles, though. The mileage on the Bel Air Bypass, for some reason, goes to 0 at the end of the Bypass.

The remainder of MD 24 is Rocks Road, and it starts out following Deer Creek. While they're not together very long, the steel industry has made the most of the opportunity. (Best way to deter trespassers? As long as you have a 4x4, just never plow. Also, this is more snow than Maryland usually sees.)

Here's another, older (oldest in the area) truss, turning east from MD 24 NB onto Cherry Hill Rd.

Looking north and south from the bridge at the snowy scenery.

I can't tell you the year from these photos, but I can tell you the builders and the height. Practical info. If the bridge shears the top off of your U-Haul, at least you know who to blame, even if they've been dead for 100 years.

Follow the creek long enough, and even MD 24 itself gets into the truss game. Sadly, they part ways after this, and there's nothing more interesting along the route.

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