Maryland Roads - MD 22/136

MD 22 and MD 22/136

MD 22 WB ends in Bel Air. These overhead signs are quite misleading, because I just crossed MD 924/Business US 1 northbound. The ground-mounted assembly, not pictured, gets it correct with a pair of SOUTH banners. (The overhead predates the green shield that includes "Business" inside, making that possible.)

WB just past Tudor Lane in the eastern outskirts of Bel Air.

I'm not sure whether this is a grave obelisk or a monument, but you'll find it in front of Churchville Presbyterian on the northwest corner of MD 22/136.

You'll find this sign on the northeast corner, old enough to be from the State Roads Commission. This is why I needed a multiplex page for MD 22/136 even though they never run concurrently.

EB near the other end of MD 22 at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Learn your history here.

There's the end of the road, quite unadorned except for the maze of orange drums.

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