Maryland Roads - MD 214

MD 214

WB across the Patuxent River. Blame the rain for fuzziness, but this bridge was built in 1935 by the Roanoke Iron & Bridge Works.

The curly "W" logo came off this WB sign near Kettering Dr./Lake Arbor Way, and I'm not sure whether that's because it violated MUTCD requirements or because someone wanted a souvenir.

This is the north end of what is signed Old Turkey Point Rd. in Mayo, but is actually old MD 214 heading west from the former Turkey Point Rd.

Old MD 214 EB; the road to the left is the original highway that was apparently bypassed by a newer but still old alignment to the right, resulting in a wye to the former Turkey Point Rd.

The east end of "Old Turkey Point Rd." is another stub, and you can see where it flows into modern MD 214.

Walking back west on the stub, the coolest part is that there's still some pavement striping beyond the barrier guiderail.

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