Maryland Roads - MD 213

NB at the beginning of the road (at old US 50, MD 662) toward what I assume was once mistakenly called Centerville. MD 213 is so numbered because it was once US 213, which continued down what are now old alignments of US 50 to Ocean City. US 213 was THE route on the eastern shore; US 301 didn't make it past Baltimore until the 1960's. US 50 helped kill US 213 when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was built by taking over a lot of the route's raison d'Ítre and disconnecting it from its parent 13. When US 213 finally died in the 1970s, rather than extend MD 280 south from US 40, the 213 number was retained and extended up to Pennsylvania. It becomes a completely different number (841) in PA, anyway.

SB onto the one-way pair in Centreville, which MD 304 does not enter, but it does exist on both sides. The connecting roads are town-maintained, so the use of "TO" is correct.

NB at the same old bridge.

The 1-way pair comes back together at the south side of town just in time to cross Mill Stream Branch.

John Brown Rd. EB comes in east of Centreville.

Main St. in Church Hill, former US 213, SB from the MD 19 junction. MD 19 took over the north half of the old route.

Speaking of which, here's MD 19 NB at Main St., and SB looking away from it. Churchill Theater, in Church Hill. Cute.

The historical sign is across from the MD 19 terminus at Church Lane.

Looking north and south along the Chester River just southeast of Chestertown.

Older street signs at the corner with MD 289 in the middle of Chestertown.

SB entering Chestertown with a one-piece signal assembly. It's great irony that the "Flaming Patriot" is now memorialized next to a fire danger sign. No longer flaming in death.

NB after MD 298.

MD 290 WB and another sign at that intersection, which is also the northern end of MD 313. 290 continues left on 313 for a short distance in Galena.

Speaking of which, here's how it's signed NB. I assume the 213 shield is supposed to be a 290.

SB through Cecilton and Fredericktown. Bohemia Mannor was misspelled in the 18th century before Noah Webster standardized spelling. But you'd think in the 21st century that MDSHA would have standardized its signs.

The MD 282 intersection has such odd signs, I just have to show you the NB counterpart.

Two westbound views of the Chesapeake City Bridge across the C&D Canal, from 2nd St. and MD 286 respectively. The bridge was built in the 1940's when the old drawbridge was demolished by a Dutch ship. To learn more about that story and the old bridge, visit the MD 537 page linked at the bottom; MD 537 was the number assigned to the pieces of old MD 213 left in 1949.

This sign for Chesapeake City is on the first SB offramp south of the bridge, with the first piece of MD 537 beginning here and heading to the right. The part of MD 537 to the left, also old MD 213 (Basil Ave.), was decommissioned.

Driving across the C&D Canal northbound.

Alternatively, click for a NB video.

Driving across the bridge southbound with a look at the C&D Canal to the west.

SB leaving Elkton. Compare this old one-piece assembly to the ugly new style seen atop this page (just to the south, across US 40).

In Elkton, original US 40 (Main St.), now MD 7, was converted to one-way and Howard St. was pressed into commission to serve the other direction of MD 7. So having this SB sign at Howard St. is not terribly surprising, even though the style is not quite right (the MARYLAND and horizontal line should be somewhat darker), except Main St. was actually converted to one-way eastbound. Any traffic to MD 7 EB would have turned a block ago, rendering this assembly useless. On the other hand, a few more TO WEST MD 7 signs in the other direction could only help.

The SB one-piece sign says MD 279 is WB, but then the reassurance says it's SB. Reassurance is wrong.

1958 or 1959 T-Bird, spotted SB at 279.

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