Maryland Roads - MD 2

Above: Hughes St. WB at Hanover St., both MD 2 SB. Baltimore has a lot more shields with the proper state name and with a lot more age.

Leaving MD 4 (see big link at bottom), MD 2 SB is still right next to it for a short distance. It looks ludicrous alone in such a large shield that can fit the "2-4" so easily.

This sign is conveniently located in a pullout so you can photograph it.

MD 4 crosses the Patuxent River and continues alone.

Skipping the MD 2/4 concurrency (see big link at bottom), these photos are NB by Pushaw Station Rd. just after leaving MD 4. The first photo is a trace remnant of the sharper curve that MD 2 used to take near that intersection.

A pair of Sunderland old alignments just north of there, Wayside Dr. on the left and Mt. Harmony Ln. on the right. Both are numbered as segments of MD 765, because MdSHA doesn't know how to download maintenance to other jurisdictions, 765D and 765I respectively.

Everything here is correct, it just looks really weird, NB at the new MD 408/422 roundabout in Lothian.

SB historical markers from Brick Church Rd. to Harwood.

MD 2 NB jogs east on US 50/301, avoiding Annapolis. Except it actually jogs north in the US 301 world. Very few signs acknowledge that for the length of the duplex, and some omit the 301 shield completely (just like at the gore continuing north on Solomons Island Rd.), even though it's been around for more than 50 years!

You find similar problems on Solomons Island Rd. SB at the same interchange. MD 2 SB joins ahead.

MD 648 traces the original Ritchie Highway, the old routing of MD 2, from Balto to Annap. It also extends from Annapolis to Baltimore, but signs don't really tell you that.

NB at I-895B, officially. Unofficially, it's just a long ramp connecting to the Harbor Tunnel Freeway, and has some ugly shields on it.

Maryland likes to group route numbers together. The first photo is at MD 170, and both are SB in Brooklyn Park. MD 173 also lurks nearby.

Frankfurst St. WB ends at Hanover St. and traffic is forced to make a decision, as ahead is the MD 2 SB ramp to Frankfurst St. EB. Choose bird and you'll head north on MD 2. A left turn parallels and takes you back to MD 2 to the south.

This is the 1916 Hanover Street Bridge across the Patapsco River on the south side of Baltimore, looking east from Kloman St.

Similar views but now showing the arch of the I-695 Key Bridge in the background.

Now onto the bridge, SB. The drawbridge has been defiled by improper bicycle signs - they should be white on green.

A few NB photos, including the bridge plate, and looking west at the elevated I-95/395 interchange above Baltimore Harbor.

SB past the shield atop the page but clearly still in Baltimore. I haven't seen shields like these outside the city, and by far most of the ones left are on this route.

Here are a few in the NB direction, starting at McComas (not W. M. Coma) St.

A couple of SB trailblazers, the first at Pratt St. I believe and the second at Key Highway. The outline is correct, and the paint is definitely not.

NB non-shields, with the second one at MD 2's left turn onto Light St.

Nothing's new in this part of Baltimore, apparently. That overpass is the Orleans St. viaduct carrying US 40, and these photos start at the top of MD 2 and head south.

NB into the heart of the city at Lombard St., with one last old shield just below the oddly shaped I-395 to round out this page.

Before there's MD 2, there's St. Paul Street, SB at North Ave. (US 1) where 2 begins. St. Mark's Lutheran Church is on the corner.

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