Maryland Roads - MD 198

MD 198

All photos on 198 are WB.

In my opinion, it's logical to continue the dualized roadway east from MD 295 to MD 32. Carol's Western Wear survived the dualization intact and sassy.

These signs seem about the same age - not too old, but not too new. I'm guessing the original I-95 shield started to fade and MDSHA pulled out a freeway-size shield to slap on top (3/2 the size, 3/2 the legibility, 3/2 the sign clutter).

A pair of old gems are on either side of Van Dusen Rd. NB, and there's also a hastily arranged new sign right at the 198 intersection. US 1 is on a black backplate, and the whole thing can't decide if it's a sign assembly or a single LGS.

What we were all waiting for, original signs on original gantries.

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