Maryland Roads - MD 197

All mainline photos are southbound.

Learn the name of the road at the east end of MD 564, definitely an old street blade style.

It's rare for Maryland to sign an "OLD" alignment, not in the least because most of them have been kept on the state highway system with a new number. Old Annapolis Rd. in Bowie apparently hasn't, though it also escapes me why anyone would be looking for Old MD 450. It's actually original US 50, which has slightly more value to someone historically-minded. To the east (left), there's a few hundred feet of walking trail along the old alignment.

US 50 is secret I-595, and many signs show that it was once intended to be less secret. It could be useful to show that US 301 North is best reached via US 50 East, and US 301 South is straight ahead.

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