Maryland Roads - MD 194

MD 194

To make up for the ugly shields, everything else on this page will be beautiful.

After having passed by this old alignment twice before, I finally am going to take it.

Looking south at the southern end of all the fun. You don't really need barricades to prevent traffic from launching onto MD 194 when 3-foot tall grass does just fine.

This is what I was missing out on for all these years. It's good I was traveling NB, because the SB trip would have been very grassy and involves a collision with a truck trailer.

Beyond the NB fence was some private property. Then the old road picks up again. These photos travel SB down to the other end of the private area.

The utility poles belie the original MD 194 alignment, continuing north from the road I just explored SB to rejoin modern MD 194 to the left.

The perfect transition to the next page north.

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