Maryland Roads - MD 178

MD 178

All photos are southbound.

On the southeast corner of Indian Landing Rd. in Millersville.

Neither shield should lack a state name, but it's more critical for MD 178. This is a high-powered pair of ramps that add a lane onto I-97 NB (or take from SB) until the MD 32 split, although I can't see a reason. Traffic from northern Annapolis could go this way, but they could probably make better time by heading west on US 50/301 instead. These ramps basically serve Crownsville, and that's not enough (in my view) to justify how high-powered they are. (Also, they dump into a two-lane state highway, so that limits how much traffic they can handle.) I've already disproven my alternate hypothesis, that this was a temporary end of I-97 or (earlier) MD 32.

Older distance sign just south of the I-97 ramp intersection.

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