Maryland Roads - MD 177

MD 177

The state name is supposed to always appear on standalone shields, never on green guide signs, so the first photo is incorrect, the second one isn't (it just has an older, though obscured, Interstate shield). These date to 2006, so they're both probably fixed by now.

MD 648 is assigned to old MD 2 north of Annapolis, and is a continuous road except for this one "TO" sign where it follows MD 177 between sections. Generally, this would be considered an error, since this stretch functions as a multiplex, but I could believe that MD has legislated a discontinuity in 648, since they do that sort of thing with old alignments all the time.

EB to the gates at Gibson Island, the end of the state highway because it's the end of the publicly traversable road, and then looking out over Chesapeake Bay at sunset.

The highlights of the Gibson Island view (in my eyes): the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (US 50/301), and the Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse, a rare lighthouse that's not mounted above the water.

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