Maryland Roads - MD 151

WB at Kane St. at the entrance to Baltimore.

Here, EB at Mannasota Ave. There are a handful of original 1960's JFK Highway signs kicking around Baltimore, and I'm sure I haven't found them all yet. As with all of them, the actual route to get there (I-95) is unclear, possibly via Sinclair Lane to Moravia Rd.

MD 151 WB; the second sign is new (reflective background and letters), but it still has the black-background shield.

MD 151/Truck US 40 EB. The Harbor Tunnel Thruway was originally unnumbered, but by the time this sign was erected it should already have been I-895. I assume 895 was not yet in the common parlance at that point. Missing buttons and all text make the third sign a winner all around. Somewhere between here and I-695, MD 151 switches from east-west to north-south and overlays the old MD 20.

NB just past the shield atop the page, which lets you know you're in Baltimore. Maybe the road switches to E-W once it crosses the boundary.

Continuing SB toward Sparrows Point. Not sure I've seen new Key Bridge shields lately if there are any, but these are certainly the old style. Can you tell me why the dysfunctional sign left out "lehem" from where there was clearly room to write it? I almost got lost because I didn't recognize Beth Blvd. Or the non-MD 158, which clearly isn't MD 158 because it doesn't say "Maryland." I can't count the shield at the turn itself, because it's too ugly.

Speaking of getting lost, Merritt Blvd. is also MD 157, and this is 157 NB as it ends into MD 150, MD 151, and I-695. All of these signs seem about the same age, featuring the best Key Bridge shield you can ask to find.

MD 151 used to be the discontinguous western half of MD 20, with an implied bay crossing. 151 now follows an upgraded North Point Blvd., but there are plenty of old 20 alignments known as North Point Rd. This one bears left by Cove Rd. (I-695 Exit 41).

I didn't know there was a Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society until I found this sign near Morse Lane. It originally, incorrectly read "Charles" Ross.

It's tough to tell where MD 151 actually ends. Clearly it heads into the industrial complex. Somewhere at or beyond the Private Property sign (which may or may not be a state sign), it's not MD 151 anymore. There's no change in pavement or other clear delineation, so good luck and don't get stopped for going too far.

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