Maryland Roads - MD 150

MD 150

These misshapen shields at Gusryan St. and Bayview Blvd. in Baltimore are definitely the fault of MDTA, who maintains the Baltimore toll facilities and has put up far too many like these.

EB in varying states of repair. The bridge dates to 1942, between a narrow shield and a hastily assembled gore sign. North Point Rd. is not a sharp right, so the first sign should be redone to lessen confusion. North Point Rd. WB does come in at an angle and then has a choice: follow the white lines onto MD 151 SB, or cross the lines to stay on MD 150 EB. I don't know how that functions, but it certainly involves confusion.

Older WB shield.

E. Orville Rd. SB. I wonder what arrow was underneath the patch.

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