Maryland Roads - MD 147

NB at The Alameda, MD 542, which begins to the left as indicated by 5% of the original arrow. US 40 is reached via Erdman Ave., which becomes MD 151 at US 1 and carries the US 40 Truck designation from there back to 40. There is a Harbor Tunnel onramp at that location, and plenty of old signs on the US 40 page, linked below.

SB in the same spot.

The Alameda SB, with a unique lane designation sign. Instead of the usual ONLY for dedicated lanes or a blank for lanes with more than one choice, OK makes you feel warm and sunny as you go straight through the red light. Maybe that's not OK, and maybe that's why this type of sign hasn't been used in 30 or more years.

Two more of the many Baltimore mini-shields, bookending the ones atop this page. All were taken southbound, ending at Walther Ave. in the last photo.

NB from there near Christopher Ave., probably the only old shield in this direction that includes a directional banner.

Beltway button copy, northbound.

Now facing into the afternoon sun, southbound.

SB at the Gunpowder Copper Works on the northbound side of MD 147, in the woods north of the Beltway.

Several years later, and NB this time, they unbent the sign.

Look carefully by the roadside, a few miles north of the Works and a few miles south of the eponymous Gunpowder Falls. In addition to the history from a nearby marker, Harford Road (147's "real" name) predates the parallel Belair Road (US 1) by a century or more, although 1 never followed this path.

This 1928 bridge is barely holding on to take MD 147 (SB) across Little Gunpowder Falls, which is really a stream with occasional rapids.

Looking north (stream "west") at a side view of the arch.

Panning from there to the south (stream "east") along the Falls.

Finally, a view southeast from the other side.

A fellow old bridge connoisseur.

When MD 147 NB ends, Business 1 begins. The JCT assembly is the old, inverted style shield while the NORTH assembly is the modern shield (similar to the regular one, but green), and then MD goes and inverts all the associated banners.

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