Maryland Roads - MD 145

MD 145

As is Maryland's wont, MD 145 is located near MD 146 and 147, as well as other routes close in number. However, it could also be considered a branch of MD 45. Most of the photos are of the old, now-abandoned Paper Mill Road Bridge across Big Gunpowder Falls (yes, that's the name of the river), which leads through the Loch Raven Reservoir and suburban Baltimore County toward Chesapeake Bay. It's probably a historical landmark, or else it would have been removed after the new one opened since MDSHA isn't RIDOT.

Driving eastbound through the new box arch and keeping the old truss arch in the picture the whole way.

When I revisited in late 2009, the old bridge appeared to have been repainted. Kudos to Maryland!

Rocks mark the former edge of roadway along the river.

Walking to the edge of the arch bridge, built in the early 20th century after the pattern of New York City's Hell Gate Bridge. Since I don't know how long it's been closed or what might have failed in the meantime, I decided not to risk walking onto the bridge.

Guiderail and grading remains from the old road, meaning it probably isn't all that old. After doing some research, I discovered the new bridge opened in 2000. I probably could have walked the old one, oh well.

I finally took a good enough photo of a little white sign so that you can really read the history and see the layout of the embossed sign.

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