Maryland Roads - MD 144

MD 144 consists of a few old alignments of the National Road, US 40. The shields missing the state name are found at Exit 56 on I-68, which carries US 40 through this part of Maryland. Wouldn't it make more sense to just keep US 40 on the old road?

Monocacy River bridges

Current MD 144

Some sections of the old National Road have been dropped from state maintenance, leaving several gaps in MD 144. One of the state-maintained sections only exists in New Market, MD, and ends within the town at MD 75. To separate the intersection from the I-70 interchange to the south, the modern road curves north to meet MD 75, leaving the original road dead-ended on both sides. This photo looks west toward MD 75 along the eastern dead end, which means it's taken from a county road and not MD 144.

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