Maryland Roads - MD 140

MD 140, not NJ 140.

Up in the air east of US 15.

MD 832 EB, former MD 140. That means 140 no longer goes through Miss Frizzle's hometown.

MD 140 "bypasses" Westminster, although there are plenty of traffic lights arguing against that terminology.

WB on that bypass with MD 97 NB. It's okay to have orange construction signs, but route shields should never change color.

Main St. in Westminster, former US 140, heading north (WB) past the old post office at Longwell Ave. in downtown.

I'm approaching that same Main St. on Manchester Ave. SW, then turning east to find the historical sign right there at the corner of Washington Rd. (once the beginning of MD 32, which now waits until the town line to start). Manchester Ave. is a two-way street, but the last 100 feet or so narrow to a single lane to squeeze between houses. That puts the stop bar very far back so that traffic can get through from Main St. while they have the green.

Well on the other side of Westminster, Old Westminster Pike EB comes back to MD 140. The main body of it hooks into Ridgemont Drive, but there's a little dead-end to explore heading straight toward the old alignment that next springs up on the northeast side of the highway.

An old guide sign style on MD 91 NB at MD 140. This would now be a single sign with mixed-case font like Frizzellburg above.

MD 140 EB also has an old guide sign style. This one's interesting because it's at the beginning of a fairly long exit ramp that acts as a non-New Jersey jughandle. Traffic to MD 91 SB just turns right at the upcoming traffic light, but there are no EB left turns (WB doesn't have this problem).

Another short piece of Old Westminster Pike (original US 140) comes to a dead end WB at the 91/140 intersection.

MD 140 WB diverges from its old alignment as it sinks down to join the end of I-795. A little later on, another old alignment pops up to the south. As you can imagine for a road that was US 140 from 1926 until 1980, there's a lot of that from years of accumulated construction.

Shields on green signs don't need the state name on top, but there are some other alignment and size issues with this sign that makes everything look wrong.

Did I say WB? All this time I meant NB. Actually, MD 140's direction seems to change once it gets to this point. In addition to all the one-piece signs with and without state names, have some destinations listed in a street-sign format.

MD 140 EB in that area, about to turn SB (I suppose). In addition to the unusual serifed "I" in the first photo, the sign is wrong because both directions of I-795 pass underneath - granted, I-795 NB is about to end, but it still exists. The second photo is odd because MD 140 EB just exited itself to spawn I-795, so the only traffic making this turn is very locally generated along Mitchell Drive.

SB at St. Thomas Lane in Owings Mills.

NB through Pikesville to the same spot.

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