Maryland Roads - MD 139

MD 139

All photos southbound.

A shield assembly gets spread out onto a sign, just after MD 139 begins and crosses that freeway.

That's the gatehouse of Gatehouse Drive, which leads into Towson University.

If you can't read this slightly blurry sign (but much improved over my earlier photo), go here.

Small one-piece shield, entering Baltimore. It's old, too, and it's the last reassurance you'll see.

University Parkway EB at Charles St., which is 139 in Baltimore. The western lane of the middle of Charles St. (which is four lanes wide) is I believe reversable for peak-hour transit, and may sit unused the rest of the day. All traffic uses the parking lane, meaning that out of a six-lane roadway, there are four NB lanes and one SB lane total.

Starting on 33rd St. WB at Charles St. and then turning SB. Only Charles St. NB is MD 139 here - the SB side is one block over on St. Paul St. in a flipped one-way pair. There is no point to having the arrows pointing to either side of the divider, because as you saw above and see again here, all the SB traffic is on the right side. Any transit vehicles would be forced right anyway, so there may as well just be one straight arrow in the second photo. Both lanes merge and then end at W. 29th St. The confusion here is that I-83 gets a right arrow and the other routes get a straight arrow, but when you get to the Maryland Ave. signal the overheads point left and straight. So the sign in the third photo should be altered to match all of the other signage.

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