Maryland Roads - MD 129

MD 129

First sign on the route is an error, though commonplace in Baltimore.

The wonderment of the Marble Hill neighborhood.

I'll keep on saying it, if you like old signs, visit Baltimore, although it's a bit rarer to find old signals (McCulloh St. NB at Presstman St.). For the US 1 shield, the "TO" is more of a "JCT", and the only other hints I'll give you are that it's NB and hard to spot. Hopefully you can find it, hopefully the city can't, and it stays put.

SB at the MD 140 merge for a short duplex at Druid Park Dr. I believe the alternate route would follow the similarly named but distinct Druid Park Lake Dr. on the south side of the park.

Continuing NB, possibly out of Baltimore by the bubble shield.

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