Maryland Roads - MD 122 (Security Blvd.)

MD 122, Security Blvd.

Heading west from Greengage Rd. onto the stubby end of Security Boulevard. I believe MD 122 heads east from Greengage, and this long block is unnumbered (and not a state highway).

The stub itself, which judging from the H on the pavement doubles as an emergency helipad (hey, the Social Security Administration may require such a thing). The apparent right-of-way takes MD 122 west, curving alongside Johnnycake Rd. (the original National Road), and meeting I-70 where its median widens within the Patapsco Valley State Park.

Heading east out of the stub, with a noticeable pavement change at Greengage Rd.

EB and WB original freeway signage. I would give most anything to see the original shields from those signs.

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