Maryland Roads - MD 100

MD 100

All photos are eastbound.

Sign design questions abound on MD 100 EB. Foremost in my mind is why both signs need thick black borders on both sides. If the green part of the sign were that wide, both signs could be arranged much better. The "1/2 MILE" on the left is too small and squished to be of any use. Now, let's attack the US 1 sign. The "1" is left aligned with "NORTH" (which is in the wrong font series) for no reason, and the arrow shouldbe inside the EXIT ONLY panel, which should stretch the full width of the sign. MD also puts way too much space between the word "EXIT" and the exit number.

California-style exit tab. Make the sign narrower and you could survive the wind loading by moving it to the top where it belongs.

MD 100's Exit 13 is I-97's Exit 14. MD 100 needs to learn how to center its legend. I know that the sign is trying to avoid making Gibson and Island two separate destinations, but my quick and dirty analysis suggests it would fit as a single line of text, which would avoid this layout issue.

Exit 6 to US 1
Exit 10 to MD 713
Exit 13 to I-97
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