Alps' Roads Special - ICC Road Meet

ICC Road Meet, December 4, 2011

The Second ICC Meet (because the first one happened after the first segment opened) was one of the rare Sunday affairs, so I started down on a leisurely Saturday. My route headed through Pennsylvania Dutch Country via US 1 (I started out with contributor Lou Corsaro), I-95 through Pennsylvania, I-676 to I-76, and US 202 to US 30. I exited 30 at PA 441, headed across the Susquehanna on PA 462, and clinched PA 624 from there south. I used a few back roads along with PA 24 to get to PA 216, and headed to Maryland via PA 116 and more back roads to PA 94. That took me to MD 30, which took me to MD 27, which took me to MD 355, at which point I was already right around the meet area. But since the meet wasn't on Saturday, I kept playing around in the area, hitting up MD 118, MD 28 and MD 117, then racking up secret MD 911 and less-secret MD 186 right around DC. I took MD 410 back to MD 355 for a U-turn to clinch the entire East-West Highway. That took me all the way down to Pennsylvania Ave. and US 50, from where I followed I-495/I-95 to MD 198 for a MD 197 clinch. I followed US 301 north to MD 3 (the first time I was on 3 northbound), MD 32, and up US 29 to MD 100 for a clinch eastward. It ends at MD 177, which I took to its eastern and and U-turned back toward Baltimore, catching short MD 607 on my way back to MD 2. I made my way over to Business MD 3 (3's old alignment alongside I-97), and stayed for the night along the west side of I-695.

The morning of the ICC meet was a lazy one spent with family, so I didn't have much time to explore, especially considering the meet was before lunch. I took I-70 west to MD 94 SB, MD 108 west to MD 124, and came into Gaithersburg on MD 117 for the meet, along with these fine people:

From me to right, and not including me: Lou Corsaro, Anthony Costanzo, Pete Jenior, Doug Kerr, Michael Pruett, Oscar Voss. Photo is courtesy Oscar Voss, and pardon the foreshadowing. This group followed Muddy Branch Rd. to MD 119, and took Sam Eig Highway onto MD 200, the star of the meet. We drove the entire length for free, it being opening week for the eastern segment from MD 97 to I-95, and then followed 95 north to MD 198, circling around on Van Dusen Rd. and Virginia Manor Rd. for an interesting stop along a future WB onramp then being used as emergency access. Once we had our fill of future freeway, we went back out to MD 212 to cross the ICC on Old Gunpowder Rd., came back down Old Gunpowder to Briggs Chaney Rd., and entered a development affectionately known as the "composer streets", which is where the above meet photo was taken, with a side view of the US 29/MD 200 interchange from Cornet Ct. We continued west on Fairland Rd. to Randolph Rd. and picked up MD 200 WB at the SPUI with MD 650 (NB), heading back to lunch via I-370 to MD 355. After some food and football, we parted ways. My way was to head north on MD 355 to MD 27 for some more MD 108 mileage, then north up MD 97 to MD 140 for some stub photos of Old Westminster Pike. Once satiated, I headed east to MD 30 and looped around secret MD 795 onto I-795. Exit 4 gave me MD 940, and then I came back on MD 140 to finish my clinch of MD 30. It was then time to go home, via PA 94, PA 34, I-81, and I-78 - but I decided to have just a little fun with my usual route, taking PA 183 up to Reading and checking out old signs and bridges on PA 12 and Business US 222. Having long exhausted daylight and with a work day ahead, I continued up US 222 to I-78, US 22 into New Jersey, and home on I-78 to I-287.

Oh, right, a fun time was had by all, what I always say for these meet writeups.

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