Maryland Roads - I-97

Spa Rd., MD 387, SB at Forest Drive, which used to be MD 665 (it now ends farther west). MD 387 is only signed south of here, even though it does continue north to Annapolis and even though the signed segment doesn't connect to anything. This sign also doesn't look like a state issuance, so it's possible my source on what's 387 or not is mistaken. I like the outlined US 50, not so much the blank-top I-97.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, the bold-outlined shield shouldn't have the state name on top because it's on a BGS. I-97 replaced MD 3 north of their junction, but the rest of the original surface alignment of MD 3 became Business MD 3 despite being disconnected from its parent by several miles. For a time, MD 3 was co-signed with I-97, making this arrangement more reasonable. It obviously should be Business I-97, unless MdSHA wants to reconnect it as part of MD 3.

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