Maryland Roads - I-95 - Chesapeake/MD Houses

Chesapeake and Maryland Houses (service areas)

Somehow, every blue sign in these rest *ahem* SERVICE areas, besides often being the wrong color, appears to be fairly non-reflective and thus, well, old. Not to mention that there are more Big Signs (charactized by their construction with aluminum ribs on the back, often in multiple panels) at Chesapeake House than I've ever seen in a single location before.
Maryland House

Entering the more southerly of the two rest areas from the SB side. There are fewer signs here, but they are arguably more interesting than at Chesapeake House.

Another type of old blue sign, this one on the NB side and patched a few times, why I know not.

The entire history of Maryland condensed into two signs facing each other on the parklike northbound side of the House. The entrances are on the north and east sides, so there is no way in from the SB side.

The writing appears to be blue, so it counts as a blue sign. It's definitely the wrong color because there are no other signs like it anywhere, except on the other side of the service area. Now that I look at the photo more closely, the ONE WAY appears to be hand-drawn. Fairly well, but not quite right.

Just to the right of the ? sign is the first of these two companion sign. It's interesting that they would refer to I-95 by name as well as number, as the JFK Highway name fades into obsolescence. Obviously, at the time these signs were fabricated, national sentiment for JFK was still running high.
Chesapeake House

I-95 NB at the beginning of the service area exit ramp. The first sign had an arrow, which would be useful to let travelers know that this is the exit itself.

Around the northbound truck lot; the second sign faces into the lot, while the first and third signs are on the roadway circling the lot to the left.

The I-95 NB roadway that enters the service area, then splitting at the third photo (the fourth photo is if you go straight, the fifth photo is if you go left).

Now exiting the main building's lot, with a state name shield! First photo faces toward the NB lanes of I-95 (really facing south) inside the parking lot.

Over to the southbound side, splitting left at the first opportunity. Notice that there are two different gas stations (each with two canopies) inside this service area, and a total of four truck parking lots. The first 2 photos were taken during 2014 renovations, hence the lack of featured facilities.

Inside the northern of the two southbound truck lots.

The main southbound roadway, then turning at the fourth photo to come to the final one.

To mimic the northbound caption: Now exiting the main building's lot, without a state name shield. First photo faces toward the SB lanes of I-95 (really facing north) inside the parking lot. Imagine, Sunoco let its shield fade. That's a terrible waste of advertising $$.

EB and WB on the short connecting link on the south side of the main building.
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