Maryland Roads - I-95


Courtesy Doug Kerr, this assembly is odd for two reasons. For one, trailblazer shields are supposed to have the state name in the top; only BGS shields can get away with blank tops. Second, the arrows make it impossible to figure out which way leads to I-95. Maybe they both do? And what direction are we facing anyway? And is this actually MD 4 or just to MD 4 - and if it's to MD 4, how do we decide which way is better? Okay, that's more than two reasons.

I-95/495, the Capital Beltway
I-95 NB south of Baltimore
I-95 NB, Baltimore and north
I-95 SB north of Baltimore
I-95 SB, Baltimore and south
Chesapeake and Maryland Houses (service areas)

Looking north (first photo) and south (last two) at the Susquehanna River and some of its other bridges. The near trestle in both southbound shots is for rail, while the far arch truss bridge is the Hatem Bridge on US 40.

To MD 4
The Capital Beltway
, I-95 between the Beltways, and the JFK Memorial Highway (I-95 north of Baltimore) on Steve Anderson's
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