Maryland Roads - I-83 - Jones Falls Expwy.

Jones Falls Expwy.

Three types of older shields in Baltimore: A cross street at the Fallsway, farther north where the Fallsway is about to end, and finally University Pkwy. NB at Somerset Rd. The second shield is about half the size of regular ones, and has a homemade look to it.

First sign NB from President St.

East Pratt St. EB at President St. (which turns into I-83 three blocks to the north), courtesy Scott Colbert.

Two onramp signs - well, the first WAS a sign - from the Fallsway NB to I-83 NB, in the vicinity of Exit 2. The second BGS has a button copy shield.

The 3 in the exit tab appears to be the old font used in the tiny shields above, even though it's not made of button copy.

A nice tied arch bridge at Guilford Ave. But that's not just any old arch...

Why, it's a super happy fun time arch!

In fact, it's a double arch! I bet there are still more surprises awaiting next time I'm in the city.

Parts bin exit tabs on the shared Exit 6-7 ramp.

Who wouldn't want to go to Virgin Fest? Sadly, it's not here; that says VIRGIN FEST USE, and the next panel says EXIT 10. Carry on, brave warrior, victory is within our... no, I will not finish this joke.

Original steel truss with new signs, and then the Northern Parkway ramps over the Jones Falls River. Yes, that's original button copy, and you'll see more of that after the southbound photos.

SB down the Exit 10 ramp.

The SB Exit 7 ramp. Plenty more photos on the W. 29th St. page (29th St. being the WB counterpart to 28th St., and W. is for West of Charles Street.

In the interest of fairness, the SB side gets a super happy fun time arch photo too.

Button copy off of exits 6 and 4, respectively. Exit 6 is US 1, and the sign to I-83 south is for US 1 NB, which has an upcoming ramp. Mt. Royal Avenue is basically what I-83 follows for a few miles north of the Fallsway (they flow together nicely via Guilford Ave.), which is why it pops up again at Exit 4. Look at the MD 2 shield - it's so old, it doesn't have the MARYLAND bar at top.

Again, the exit numbers tend to disappear in innermost Baltimore. Sign replacement also tends to disappear. And in the last photo, the space to the right of the first sign has magically disappeared so I can maximize the sign size in the photo.

Signs on the SB Exit 2 ramp (Pleasant Street, since nothing says "2"). Again, magical building shrinkage lets me cram these signs into one wide photo.

They tried, at least. Incidentally, the SB shield at the top of this little section is even south of this sign, meaning that you get about 1000 feet of reassurance before ending up in Baltimore. Of course, had I-83 been completed to I-95 like it was planned to (stubs still remain just north of the Fort McHenry Tunnel), this shield would mean something. Then again, it took dozens of years just to get 95 finished through the heart of the city, so maybe I-83 would be asking too much.

Cold Spring Lane EB at Exit 9. This is the only old sign left at this exit, but there are more to the south (see the Exit 7 link below) and to the north (see the Exit 10 link below).

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