Maryland Roads - I-83

The shield above is on MLK Jr. Blvd. NB in downtown Baltimore. It points to the Jones Falls Expressway, as does the following link:
The Jones Falls Expressway, I-83 inside the Beltway
See, for a round of great photos from I-83, all you have to do is click that. Assuming you just stopped reading this page, clicked, saw all the great photos, and returned to this sentence, I now continue with photos from north of the Beltway.

All northbound, all button copy except the first one (which isn't new, just not as old as the others). The shields have button copy numerals and outlines, which makes them more white than black and thus impossible to see with the sun behind the photographer - until the shade pops into the next-to-last photo.

All southbound, only the first two taken through the rear window, and all button copy original to the highway.

Not button copy, but southbound and still old.

Non-reflective button copy on the southbound ramp to I-695 EB, which splits for I-695's Exit 25 (the 695 EB ramp to Charles St., MD 139, already left and will join this one on the right).

One from the I-83/I-695 duplex, southbound/westbound, showing Maryland's use of the ampersand.
Last chance. I-83, Jones Falls Expressway. Click.

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