Maryland Roads - I-81


Unlike the WVDOT advance sign you'll see on the WV I-81 page (linked at bottom), this MDOT sign looks like it was cobbled together from sign shop scraps. You'd think the DOT that actually uses these shields every day could come up with a competent sign.

Notice how the new sign dare not stray from the message of the old. I guess it's to reassure travelers that they can still have their pick of directions. Of course, as it's plain to see, the old originally just had the I-70 shield centered, the sane design that prevails in 100% of other freeway junctions. Last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

If this isn't enough button-copy US 40 shield for you, click on the US 40 link at bottom. You may even get sick of it. I doubt it, though. Second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Once again, last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro (they once all were).

Button copy at the bottom of the Exit 9 ramp. There's more at this exit, between the breaklines:

Maugans Ave. EB at Exit 9.

Oops. WB.

All southbound photos are still courtesy Lou Corsaro, including the shield atop this page.

The first sign isn't button copy, but it is very, very mixed copy. On the second sign, obviously the Airport is new, along with the cool Airport shield. One thing I don't get about MD I-81 is why pretty much all of the arrows and distances were replaced by reflective lettering - in fact, only the NB Exit 2 signs above have button copy distances.

The last one is the only EAST & WEST sign with the two directions split like this. I guess it was too much trouble to fit the directions onto one line. Or, you know, not put them there in the first place.
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