Maryland Roads - I-795

I only saw one state-name shield on this relatively new route.

Northbound at the last exit and end of the route. MD 795 continues the number north until MD 128 begins, even though that number is already in use (secretly) elsewhere in the state. (Both 795s are secret, so why not change one? Who would know?) In the first photo, besides the 140 shield on the left being too small, the sign on the right is too small (as is the "WEST"). In the second photo is a unique way to sign the end of the route (via a distance sign). Skipping the third photo (create your own reason!), joining auxiliary plates with route shields on a black background is typical MDSHA (State Highway Authority).

Exit 9 to MD 140
Exit 9A or straight to MD 30
Straight to MD 128
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