Maryland Roads - I-70 - Eastern End

I-70's Eastern End

In the original freeway plan for Baltimore, the US 40 freeway would have been I-170 (and was even numbered as such for a little while), I-83 would have met I-95 on the east side of the Harbor, and I-70 would have come in on the west side. I-170 would have extended west to meet the I-70 freeway coming in from Leakin Park, and traffic could actually get into Baltimore from this direction. Instead, most traffic is diverted onto I-695 to get around the city instead of into it, and east of that highway we have a Park and Ride lot (socially responsible and all). I wasn't fooled by all their signs, and I shall show you some of what I found there.

Relatively recently, a trail map was erected for Gwynns Falls and Leakin Parks, and rather than just show the path of the trail, the map shows one of the planned I-70 alignments! If you'd like to see the full map, including some explanatory text, click for a larger version. The I-170 wye is at the right, and just beyond the lower right corner, I-70 meets I-95. The short stretch of 70 between 170 and 95 was later considered just to connect the already built 170 stub to 95 as a freeway, but not even that roadway could get constructed. The only way to travel through the park now is to follow Franklintown Rd.

Approaching from I-70 East as it ends. The trees are cleared a short distance beyond the Park and Ride lot in anticipation of the freeway.

Slowly backpedaling and panning, standing atop the raised median of the lot and facing eastward.

Now turned around westward and walking toward that end of the lot and the beginning of I-70.

Turning back east at the western end of the lot for one last photo.

You could call this the first westbound reassurance marker. It's at the end of the U-turn road that serves traffic entering and exiting the parking lot. Depending on where I-70 East ends and West begins, you might be on I-70 West once you pass the halfway point of that U-turn road.

Exiting along I-70 West; photos resume on the main page.

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